Tour De BIFF 2017 at The Depot Manchester

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to take some snaps at the 2nd Round of the Tour De Biff at The Depot Manchester. This competition is a little unlike most others, with competitors not being allowed use of their feet! You might think this would make for an impressive show - and you would be right - but it also makes it a little trickier to capture really engaging photos. 

Normally when shooting climbing, I try to capture either the emotions on people's faces, or the cool shapes that their bodies make with the wall...When people are campussing however, they don't look down at all!

Equally, capturing wild moves, or unlikely positions is also a great way of creating an intriguing photo. But when campussing, people tend to stay quite controlled, because the forces involved are put down solely through the arms and hands, instead of by the legs and feet. This means that it is way, waaay harder to hold these unlikely positions, and far harder to generate the sorts of forces that you let you get into them in the first place.

Nevertheless, I got my flash involved, and with a loaned 24-70 lens, I got stuck into the action and tried to get a good variety of shots to cover the different problems that were up around the centre. 

Full credit to the Routesetters for managing to split a pretty competitive field, and massive thanks to the Depot for sorting out such a quality competition once again!

Spanish Climbing


Winter sun cragging in Spain is definitely the best way to end your year. Just as the skies start turning grey and grim in the UK - its time to take a £50 flight to Alicante and enjoy the tasty tapas, sumptuous seafood, and superb array of 5* climbing.

We spent a week out in the Costa Blanca staying at Casa Lometa which is run by the wonderful Nat and Marcus - who met us on the first day, and sorted us out with all the insider crag information as well as wood for the fireplace in the evenings.

All the crags were reachable within 30 minutes or so - although we did drive further afield to visit some specific areas on a number of days. My favourite area by far was Pinos - which we only visited on our last day, after a late night of drinking some incredibly good £2.00 port from a local winery. No major sendage was had - but I can't wait to return asap!


Battle of Britain 2016 - The Climbing Depot Manchester


The Climbing Depot Manchester pulled out all the stops for the Battle of Britain 2016, with a huge lighting rig, specially imported holds, and Alex Megos to boot! 

I was on hand to shoot the day - check out some of the images below.