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My Approach

For me - weddings are all about people.
Family, and friends coming together in one place to celebrate your relationship.

When I shoot a wedding, I think that the images you receive should reflect that.

Your wedding day is special to you as a couple, and as such, I prefer to shoot with a discreet, 'documentary' style in order to capture the real emotions and small moments that make your day unique. This approach allows me to remain as unobtrusive as possible, while also providing you with the most beautiful images from the day.  

Before your wedding date, I will always try to meet you together to chat through you plans, and ideally to book in a pre-wedding shoot. 
This is a great opportunity to find out what you like, and to help you feel comfortable in-front of the camera, as well as providing some images for those all important invites, websites, and Facebook profile pictures.

My Packages

I try to keep things simple when booking my services. If you would be interested in reading about what I have to offer, then please click the link below.



Fancy seeing some of my work before booking?
It's probably a good idea...
If you would like to get an idea of what my shooting style and coverage of an event are like, then hit the link below to see for yourself!


I'm sure you'll have many questions to ask when we meet, but until then, I have collated some of the more common ones onto this page.

If there's something missing that you think I should add - then please let me know!