Nice - Spring 2019


Last week, Abigail had the great pleasure of attending the European Materials Research Society conference while I was forced to walk around the old town, beachfront, and port of the beautiful town of Nice. I know - sucks to be me.

I recently participated in an AMA with York Place Studios, and was keen to try out some street style photography - something I had previously not really experienced. If you haven’t heard of them, then definitely check their work out - it’s pretty unique from a wedding perspective!

Anyway - what I found out, is that it is harder than it looks! Nevertheless, I had a go, and the results are bared below for all to see. I hung out in the market, beachfront, and took some pictures of skaters in the evening - which I think look pretty cool.

While out there I also had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend that recently got married. We took an evening out on the port to grab some pictures for them while we were in town - keep an eye out and you might just see those sometime soon!

Nice was nice!