Anthony and Charlotte // Wedding at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales

Nerf guns, juggling apparatus, a unicycle, birds of prey, and a man in a gorilla costume handing out easter eggs - all a bit mad, off the wall, and yet unmistakably a brilliant wedding.

Anthony and Charlotte were never aiming to do things by the books, but they definitely pulled off a day that will live in the memory!

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Naomi and Michael - Pre-Wedding Shoot, Rushcliffe Country Park, Nottinghamshire

I met up with Naomi and Michael toward the back end of 2018 at one of my favourite pizza places in Nottingham.

Flash forward almost 10 months and with some nicer weather coming through it was time to arrange their pre-wedding shoot. They are both regular park runners, and Rushcliffe Park is a popular venue for the event, so naturally they have spent a fair amount of time on the paths that crisscross the grounds.

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Rob and Roger - Pre-Wedding Shoot, Bosworth Hall, Leicestershire

Just a few months until Rob and Rogers’ big day, and now I can’t wait!

We had so much fun popping up to Bosworth Hall to do their pre-wedding shoot last week that I can’t help but imagine how it’s all going to look when the venue is set up and full of glammed up guests!

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Shannon and Ryan - Pre-Wedding Shoot, Caswell House, Oxfordshire

I had an blast shooting for this gorgeous couple down in Oxfordshire this weekend! Shan and Ryan were such a pleasure to watch - non stop smiles, laughs and playing around.

We also popped in to check out Caswell House as well and it is an absolute stunner! I can't wait for the big day now!

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