Eton Fives Nationals at Eton College

I came down to this event on a whim to take part in the group stages, and then cover the final rounds of the main competition in the afternoon/evening. 

Capturing the expressions on people's faces can really make a photo 'pop', and I think this is one of the most overlooked aspects in sport photography, which so often focuses purely on the action. Fives is a really awkward sport to shoot in that respect, because almost all of the action takes place in the front half of the court, and behind a protruding 'buttress' on the left hand side.

Nevertheless, I have been shooting at fives events for several years now, and I have come to learn a few tricks, and a few good angles to get the best pictures.

I'm really happy about how these photos convey the speed, concentration and desire of the athletes that took part. Fives is an absolutely fantastic game, and I can recommend anyone that is interested in giving it a go, to find a court (there are several dotted around in London and the South East if you are interested).