Michele and Christien's Wedding in Delft, NL

Michele and Christien had been together 27 years before finally deciding to tie the knot in the beautiful town of Delft in the Netherlands - with its numerous canals, and architecture, it is easy to see why it is often referred to as 'Little Amsterdam'. 

They opted for a smaller affair, with no church, or lengthy speeches, but instead - a celebration of their relationship which, I'm told (I speak no dutch), was summed up by one of their long term friends before the exchange of rings. 

Christien looked fabulous, with her hair arranged in perfect curls, while Michele looked sharp in his sand coloured linen suit. I'm going to have to get myself one of those...

They both seemed to have a lot of fun, and so did everyone else. I think that really shows in the pictures - with lots of smiles, conversation, and wonderful light!