Ellie and Toby - Nottinghamshire Wedding, Norwood Park


It was chilly, and it was windy but it was the first wedding of the year and we were really looking forward to it. It wasn't snowing but it also wasn't raining, and once we stepped into the house at Norwood Park with the fire roaring (which was perfect), the atmosphere was nothing like the weather outside. 

We started in the bridal suite which was a stunning backdrop for the flowers and the bride. Ellie look amazing and her excitement was infectious. And her glitzy bridal shoes meant that dancing was 100% on the cards. It was then time to move upstairs and check on how the boys were doing and check out their equally glitzy cuff-links.

After exploring the house and discovering the most fantastic library we managed to get a sneak peak of the wedding cake... incredible! And hand made by close friends, which meant it tasted incredible too!

Now we didn't know there was going to be a theme running through this wedding, but see if you can spot it!