Naomi and Michael // Pre-Wedding Shoot, Rushcliffe Country Park, Nottinghamshire

I met up with Naomi and Michael toward the back end of 2018 at one of my favourite pizza places in Nottingham - Suede bar. If you love pizza and retro movies then pop your head in because they’ve got both going all the time!

Flash forward almost 10 months and with some nicer weather coming through it was time to arrange their pre-wedding shoot. They are both regular park runners, and Rushcliffe Park is a popular venue for the event, so naturally they have spent a fair amount of time on the paths that crisscross the grounds.

Naturally we decided to head off the beaten track for some shots, and found a number of brilliant locations just off the regular routes - including some train tracks, some rushes, and a nice wooded area. It was truly a pleasure to hang out with the two of them and grab some great pictures!