Anthony and Charlotte // Wedding at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales

Nerf guns, juggling apparatus, a unicycle, birds of prey, and a man in a gorilla costume handing out easter eggs - all a bit mad, off the wall, and yet unmistakably a brilliant wedding.

The National Botanical Gardens of Wales aren’t what you would call a conventional venue, and the ‘Largest Single Span Greenhouse’ in the world isn’t what you would normally think of when asked to imagine a ceremony location.

There were no best men, no maids of honour, and no DJ or bands in the evening - but when you’ve been to enough weddings - you know that the best ones are where the couple’s individuality has shone through.

Of course, many of the familiar aspects of a wedding were present - Two people, two rings, family and friends surrounding, and a giddy energy throughout the day.

Anthony and Charlotte were never aiming to do things by the books, but they definitely pulled off a day that will live in the memory!