Alec and Rosie // Ardingly College, Sussex

Both myself and Abigail were raised down south in the wildlands of Sussex and Surrey, so when Alec and Rosie contacted us about shooting a wedding down there - just minutes from Abigail’s family home - we were dead keen to head down!

Ardingly college was Rosie’s alma mater, so getting married there was a real return to the roots - and although it took some persistence on Rosie’s part - she eventually got permission to use the HUGE chapel for the day. I was lucky enough to head to another nearby school for my education, and I thought we had a pretty incredible chapel - but I can honestly say that it was nothing on Ardingly. It is practically a Cathedral!

We already knew from the pre-wedding shoot that these two were deeply in love - but watching them through the day made it all the more obvious for everyone present.

Both Alec and Rosie work for a drug discovery company in Nottingham (doesn’t everyone?), and their love for all things biology shone through in the range of table names and decorations… Have you ever sat at the ‘Pancreas’ table at a wedding? How about the Cardiomyocyte one? Hopefully the guests sat at the ‘Fat’ table didn’t feel too offended!

The grounds at Ardingly are simply fantastic - the manicured reception courtyard looks over the playing fields below and when a fiery skyshow appeared at sunset this is where we headed for a bit of peace and quiet. A keen poledancer - Rosie couldn’t hold herself back from having a quick session on one of the goal posts in her wedding dress… not something every bride can claim to have done on her wedding day!

I’m sure that both of them will be able to look back on this day with some incredible memories, and I hope that my pictures have done them justice.