Annie and Phillip's Wedding


Here are just a few shots from the reception at Annie and Phillip's wedding this weekend. It was nice to not be the main photographer for this day, so I could play around with some different techniques and try out some flash photography in the evening. Can't wait to use these tricks in the coming season!


Ben and Beccie - Carbis Bay Hotel - St. Ives

Ben and Beccie put on a smashing wedding down in Cornwall.

Despite the near constant rain that lasted almost the whole of the previous day, and deep fog in the ensuing morning, somehow the sun managed the burn through and create some beautiful scenes by the time we made it to the ceremony.

I absolutely loved working with these two wonderful people. Very easy going, and the whole event was organised to a 't'. Beccie looked absolutely stunning, and I really appreciated the knowing looks she shot down the lens throughout the day :-).

Its a long way down to Cornwall from Nottingham - but boy was it worth it!


Lauren and Justin's Engagement Party

Justin and Lauren are a beautiful couple that sure as heck know how to pose for pictures!

This weekend was their engagement party down south, and what a superb day it was. 

The sun was shining all day, and all the wonderful west-end performers were dressed for the occasion. Just before it was time to leave however, a little bit of rain started to fall and I grabbed them both for a few final shots --->

All the photos can be found in an online gallery HERE

I can't wait for the wedding day now!



An Italian Birthday

At the end of last year I had a couple of shoots which I didn't have time to write about. 

The first of which was an Italian 1st Birthday Party for a cute little girl called Allegra.

Apparently, the first birthday is a big deal in Italian culture so Valeria booked out a school hall, invited all the kids and parents, and invited me along to capture the day.


Christmas Dinner in Nottingham!

Last night Abigail and I put together a luscious meal for 5 of our friends. Gammon, chicken, soup, cheese, bread, and crumble. By the end of the evening, I was completely stuffed, and very merry.

I grabbed my camera for part of the evening, to take some pictures of the preparation, and then the chatter after. Everyone had a great time, and I can finally say that Christmas is here!


Nottingham Christmas Market

The Nottingham Christmas market is on at the moment, full of good food, fun games, and cold bodies. I went down yesterday evening and took some photos of some of the stalls, and the fair rides that are available. Well worth an hour or so to walk around and find yourself some nice grub. I can also recommend the tasty mulled wine at the bar in the centre. 

You can find the event site on the Nottingham City Council.