Christmas and Boxing Day

I spent this Christmas down South, splitting my time between my parents, and Abi's. We spent Christmas eve and day in South Godstone, and the evening and Boxing day at my parent's near Guildford. 

I love going home, not only because I get to see my family, play some fun games, and eat some tasty food, but I also get to hang out with some beautiful dogs. 

My mum always says that it's impossible to take a nice picture of her, so I tried quite hard to take one that she would like. I'm fairly happy with how this set has come out as a whole, and I think it does a good job of displaying some of the things we got up to over the holiday period.


Christmas Dinner in Nottingham!

Last night Abigail and I put together a luscious meal for 5 of our friends. Gammon, chicken, soup, cheese, bread, and crumble. By the end of the evening, I was completely stuffed, and very merry.

I grabbed my camera for part of the evening, to take some pictures of the preparation, and then the chatter after. Everyone had a great time, and I can finally say that Christmas is here!


Nottingham Christmas Market

The Nottingham Christmas market is on at the moment, full of good food, fun games, and cold bodies. I went down yesterday evening and took some photos of some of the stalls, and the fair rides that are available. Well worth an hour or so to walk around and find yourself some nice grub. I can also recommend the tasty mulled wine at the bar in the centre. 

You can find the event site on the Nottingham City Council.