Depot Summer Boulder League 2015 Final Round Photos

Pictures from the Final Round of the Summer Boulder League - if you would like any of them in higher res - please message me through my contact form - Here.

Dovedale/Kailas Snaps

This weekend, my friend Leanne invited me to Dovedale to take some pictures to enter in a competition. I had never been to Dovedale before, so a quick google, and check of my guidebooks showed me the stunning surroundings, quite unlike any of the Peak District limestone crags I was familiar with.

The picture used in the competition can be found here and I would massively appreciate it if you took the time to throw a vote on the pile...Winner gets a paid trip to the Yangshuo Climbing Festival!

Anyway, take a look below and let me know which you like


CWIF 2015

One of the largest climbing competitions in the country took place this weekend in Sheffield.

I have wanted to take part in this competition for many years, and never quite been fit enough to put in a good performance. This year, however, I was feeling good enough to put in a show, and came out very happy with my performance. 

My beautiful assistant, Abigail, came along to take pictures of the event, and after editing, I think we came out with a really nice set!

See the rest here  on my flickr account.


Voyager and The Ace

Today, one of my friends came up from Bristol to try and snag an ascent of the famed gritstone testpiece 'Voyager'. For those that dont know, Voyager is fiercely sharp, and one of the hardest boulder problems in the Peak District. The sitstart was completed in 2006 by Ben Moon and given the grade 8B+, it has not been repeated...

Hamish had been trying the line earlier in the season, but hadn't succeeded. When I saw the facebook post about it, I knew that I had to get there to take some pictures when he got back on it. 

While there, I also took some snaps of James Squire, and Nathan Phillips who were also trying the line. No doubt one of them will grab an ascent within another couple of sessions. 

After we were done at Voyager, everyone packed up to head over to Stanage. While we were in the carpark, we met Billy Ridal, who had just done Careless Torque. Conditions were good for the day. Despite this news, Hamish, James and Nathan chose to try their luck on another of the hardest grit problems by tackling 'The Ace', which is  another 8B - this time put up by Jerry Moffatt.