Lauren and Justin's Engagement Party

Justin and Lauren are a beautiful couple that sure as heck know how to pose for pictures!

This weekend was their engagement party down south, and what a superb day it was. 

The sun was shining all day, and all the wonderful west-end performers were dressed for the occasion. Just before it was time to leave however, a little bit of rain started to fall and I grabbed them both for a few final shots --->

All the photos can be found in an online gallery HERE

I can't wait for the wedding day now!



An Italian Birthday

At the end of last year I had a couple of shoots which I didn't have time to write about. 

The first of which was an Italian 1st Birthday Party for a cute little girl called Allegra.

Apparently, the first birthday is a big deal in Italian culture so Valeria booked out a school hall, invited all the kids and parents, and invited me along to capture the day.