Ben and Beccie - Pre-Wedding Shoot at Cannock Chase

I'm shooting Ben and Beccie's wedding at the start of September, so we arranged a short walk to take some photos for their wedding-website, and so they could feel a little more comfortable in-front of the camera.

Here are just a few of the pictures from the walk. It was a beautiful location, and I'm looking forward to my next visit.

I can't wait for the wedding now!


Lauren and Justin's Engagement Party

Justin and Lauren are a beautiful couple that sure as heck know how to pose for pictures!

This weekend was their engagement party down south, and what a superb day it was. 

The sun was shining all day, and all the wonderful west-end performers were dressed for the occasion. Just before it was time to leave however, a little bit of rain started to fall and I grabbed them both for a few final shots --->

All the photos can be found in an online gallery HERE

I can't wait for the wedding day now!



Rufford Abbey Photoshoot

The final shoot of 2015, was one that I originally scouted the location for all the way back in March!

Mark and Sam had this shoot purchased for them as a gift at the start of the year, but after a series of unfortunate incidents, it was delayed till months later, pushing it outside of the pleasant summer weather, and into cold wintery conditions.

The week preceding the shoot was incredibly rainy, and I was on the verge of rearranging once more, but eventually we agreed an early meet to take advantage of the soft morning light, and fewer crowds.

Despite some initial reservations, Mark and Sam seemed to settle into, and eventually enjoy the experience and I think it really comes across in the pictures. 

Check out a small selection below.


An Italian Birthday

At the end of last year I had a couple of shoots which I didn't have time to write about. 

The first of which was an Italian 1st Birthday Party for a cute little girl called Allegra.

Apparently, the first birthday is a big deal in Italian culture so Valeria booked out a school hall, invited all the kids and parents, and invited me along to capture the day.