Zoe and Dan // Wedding at Belton Woods Hotel

Zoe and Dan // Wedding at Belton Woods Hotel

“Wow thanks so much. We love them!”

Zoe and Dan held an absolute blast of a wedding at the Belton Woods Hotel just a few weeks ago...

A hectic morning with preparations, gifts, and burnouts in Dan’s Vauxhall Nova led to a beautiful ceremony at St. Giles Church in Grantham. Throughout the day it was obvious that they had spent a lot of time in preparation thinking about all the small touches, and picking out/creating decorations to fit the theme…

Becky and Blair Couples Photoshoot at Chiddingstone Castle

I met with Becky and Blair (and Frankie - more about him in a second) earlier this year for a pre-wedding photoshoot at Chiddingstone Castle. We were blessed with incredible weather, and the grounds were beautiful!

Frankie the Dachshund is a huge part of their lives, and we'd spoken about involving him in a variety of pictures before arriving. Becky came up with loads of great ideas and we worked through them, keeping the shoot natural and 'Frankie Focused'! 
Working with animals is always a challenge, but Frankie was a trooper and I can't wait to work with him again!

August is coming on fast now, and I'm looking forward to a busy wedding season with tonnes of happy couples. This wedding in particular is looking to be very exciting - but you'll have to come back to see all about that one!


Emma and Shil Couples Shoot at Nottingham University


It was a chilly day earlier this year when I met Emma and Shil for their pre-wedding photo shoot in the grounds of the University of Nottingham.  These two were fantastic to shoot, very chilled out, and happy to just walk around and take some direction. 

We found a few different places around the grounds, and checked out the venue for locations on their wedding day.  Hopefully it'll be a little warmer in August!



Ben and Beccie - Carbis Bay Hotel - St. Ives

Ben and Beccie put on a smashing wedding down in Cornwall.

Despite the near constant rain that lasted almost the whole of the previous day, and deep fog in the ensuing morning, somehow the sun managed the burn through and create some beautiful scenes by the time we made it to the ceremony.

I absolutely loved working with these two wonderful people. Very easy going, and the whole event was organised to a 't'. Beccie looked absolutely stunning, and I really appreciated the knowing looks she shot down the lens throughout the day :-).

Its a long way down to Cornwall from Nottingham - but boy was it worth it!