Zoe and Dan // Wedding at Belton Woods Hotel

Zoe and Dan // Wedding at Belton Woods Hotel

“Wow thanks so much. We love them!”

Zoe and Dan held an absolute blast of a wedding at the Belton Woods Hotel just a few weeks ago...

A hectic morning with preparations, gifts, and burnouts in Dan’s Vauxhall Nova led to a beautiful ceremony at St. Giles Church in Grantham. Throughout the day it was obvious that they had spent a lot of time in preparation thinking about all the small touches, and picking out/creating decorations to fit the theme…

Best of 2018 // Midlands and Destination Wedding Photography

Best of 2018 // Midlands and Destination Wedding Photography


What a year. Lots of movement for me, lots of shoots, and my first international wedding!

Better late than never - here are a selection of my favourite images from 2018 - onwards and upwards in 2019

Becky and Blair Couples Photoshoot at Chiddingstone Castle

I met with Becky and Blair (and Frankie - more about him in a second) earlier this year for a pre-wedding photoshoot at Chiddingstone Castle. We were blessed with incredible weather, and the grounds were beautiful!

Frankie the Dachshund is a huge part of their lives, and we'd spoken about involving him in a variety of pictures before arriving. Becky came up with loads of great ideas and we worked through them, keeping the shoot natural and 'Frankie Focused'! 
Working with animals is always a challenge, but Frankie was a trooper and I can't wait to work with him again!

August is coming on fast now, and I'm looking forward to a busy wedding season with tonnes of happy couples. This wedding in particular is looking to be very exciting - but you'll have to come back to see all about that one!