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If you are thinking of inviting me to your wedding, then I think it is only fair that I let you know a little about myself first!

I've always enjoyed being behind the camera lens, and after learning my trade while adventuring around the world, I finally decided to quit my job working in Chemistry labs and try to make a living out of it!
After years of staged family shots, I feel that capturing the real smiles, happy faces, and honest emotions of a day is the best way to record and reflect the events that take place. 

Here's a few bonus tidbits for you...

  • My full name is Archibald Douglas Cameron-Blackie.
    I know... its a bit of a mouthful.
  • I was born in Leeds and brought up in the South-East. I then studied Chemistry at the University of Bath before moving back to the South-East, and now I live in Nottingham!
  • I live with my beautiful girlfriend - Abigail; two cats -Bonnie and Thistle; and our gorgeous (and occasionally naughty) lurcher - Luna.
  • I love to travel, and I've been all round the world from North America to Thailand and from South Africa to Switzerland taking photos, seeing sights, and pursuing my love of climbing.
  • I'm partial to a wee dram of whisky at the end of an edit. Sadly I do not have a full cabinet to rummage through...maybe one day.

I'm quite a keen climber, and if you are interested in reading about my adventure exploits, then please take a look at my adventure and commercial photography - here.