Helen and Francis

Arriving at Helen and Francis' home we started to see how creative Helen was. And considering some of the flowers and other decorations had only been finished that morning, she was as cool as a cucumber. (As a side note, the 15 on the bracelet is 1915!!!)

The ceremony was so personal and it was lovely to see two friends announce their love for each other surrounded by their friends and family. Moving on to Swithland woods for a quick wander through the trees was a great little breather before kicking off proceedings at The Old stables and Griffin Inn.

The falconry was brilliant fun and when we stepped inside for dinner, the creativity of Helen was even more apparent. There were photos set up, hand made glass ornaments, personally designed tea towels, hand made cake toppers and even hand made glass beads on the tables. It must have taken for ever but it was all worth it - take a look.


Ellie and Toby's Engagement

We met Ellie and Toby at Norwood Park so that we could have an explore of the grounds before the big day. The beautiful house has so much history and it was a really lovely setting to have a wander. Especially as with a January wedding planned, we were aware we might not get the same chance on the day!

With the couple part way through PhD's it was a great way to relax and it was a lot of fun messing around in the gardens. We caught up on wedding plans and had a giggle throwing some apples... fairly standard pre-wedding photo shoot!

Enjoy a sneak peak.

Farah and Zain - Birmingham Botanical Garden


Arriving at Farah's family home in the blistering sun was brilliant. The day promised to be filled with smiles, laughter and tears and the weather was only helping.

We are always learning at weddings and at this wedding, we learnt that it is not always necessary for the bride to be present during a Muslim ceremony. So after Farah had been asked for permission by her Father, we then patiently awaited to hear that she was officially married before heading off for the celebration dinner!

Now it's normal for us to have some time with the couple after the ceremony but it's not normally the first time they've seen each other since the marriage, or in fact the first time in three weeks. It was so special to be with them and the photos practically took themselves as we walked through the Birmingham botanical gardens. Farah and Zain were so clearly over the moon and it was a delight to watch them together. 

The following day the celebrations continued down in London with even more excited and emotional family. Take a look at what were two fantastic days.


Abigail and Matthew


Arriving into a family home on the morning of a wedding is always a delight. There's nervous and excited chatter and little moments as sisters talk about what the day will hold. In this house there was even a bouncy golden retriever that had to be kept away from the dress!

The church was beautiful and it was so lovely to be in the church Abigail's parents had also been married in, years before.

After the ceremony we travelled through to Hothorpe Hall and greeted the couple as they arrived in style. It was a fabulous party even if the sword(!) used to cut the cake may have got dangerously close to Matt's throat!

Brilliant fun - check it out.

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